Forgotten Toys - Ashley Laino

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"When you look in an empty pool, you don’t usually expect to see a body at the bottom..... "


When you look in an empty pool, you don’t usually expect to see a body at the bottom but in a a small town in eastern Pennsylvania called Pikesville one summer, that is exactly what happens.

Pikesville is quaint community that is faced with the disappearance of a local teenager Jenna Hayes and the town is turned upside down.

When Jenna is found brutally murdered at the bottom of the town’s abandoned pool, the town is devastated, but to Sarah Moore, Jenna was just a girl whose name she heard around sometimes, in some circles. What does this have to do with her?

She is dealing with her own issues, anyway. But when Sarah’s sister, Chloe, goes missing, Sarah must uncover a murderer before he gets to her, too, or before it's too late.

My Review

Well this was a dark and twist crime thriller!

in this read we meet sisters Sarah and Chloe, both are struggling with there own mental health and both suffer with eating disorders just in different ways yet they support each other as much as they can.

One day after an argument between the sisters causes Chole to go for a drive alone to cool off, her car is found by the police abandoned and there is no sign of Chloe.

As Sarah deals with her sister been missing she struggles to process the events and feels that everyone even the police are doing enough to solve her sisters disappearance, so Sarah starts her own investigation in to the case.

Forgotten Toys is a read that gets under your skins from the outset, dark, tense and chilling this is a twist and turn read that keeps you guessing.

I found Sarah's search for her sister utterly compelling and the way the sisters eating disorders and struggles were written was done with such sensitivity.

this is the perfect read for crime thriller fans especially at this time of year as this read has just enough darkness to make it the perfect autumn and spooky season read.

Author Bio

Ashley Laino has currently resides in Bangor, Pennsylvania with her husband and two adorable cats.

Her other works include the psychological thriller “Forgotten Toys.” When she is not writing, she enjoys running, reading, and watching weird documentaries on Netflix.

Twitter @MSLAshley12.

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Thank you to the Publisher and Author for sending me an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this novel and for the opportunity to review these works.

All reviews are my own unbiased opinion.

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