Glasshouse - Morwenna Blackwood

A read as complex as it is compelling and as thrilling as it is tense!

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"Do No Harm..."


Now if I carry out this oath, and break it not, may I gain for ever reputation among all men for my life and for my art; but if I break it and forswear myself, may the opposite befall me.’ ~ from the Hippocratic Oath (translated by WHS Jones)

Psychiatrists, Drs Whittle and Grosvenor, have dedicated their lives to helping their patients, but their approach, and the complications it reveals, lead them into relationships that harm not only themselves.

As their lives entangle, both men find that doing no harm is not as cut-and-dried as they perceived.

Can the patients in their care really trust them? Or are more sinister motives at work?

Delve into the dark world of psychiatric institutions where doctors and residents play a dangerous game where no one is infallible!

My Review

Thrilled to be opening up the Blog tour for this new novel Glasshouse

The world of mental health and its care services are a complex and often misunderstood world, The very fact that half of what these people suffer you can not understand unless you have suffered yourself puts most in a difficult position.

I am not a person who shy's away from mental health issues having suffering myself from depression and C-PTSD I have experienced both the worst and the best the NHS has to offer and gratefully have come out the other side with new insight and in recovery but I know many show stories are not so good.

While many books and auathors use mental health and institutions or facilities in a sometimes feeble attempt to add "drama" to a tale. With this read there is nothing of the sort! in Glass house the tables are turned and this story becomes as complex as it is compelling and as thrilling as it was tense!

In this tale we have multiple points of view yet the focus is the doctors themselves there lives there choices the patients and the facility just a backdrop to the relationships these people have.

These doctors placed on the pedestal of doing "good" doing no harm" yet what if they are just as confused and broken as the very people the are treating?

This is in no way an easy read and many times I found myself re-reading as the complexity of the story hits home you question how did I miss that?

The read was both thrilling and ever so raw the author mentions in her bio that she has suffered with depression before and I felt this understanding of mental health resonated in her writing! uttrely gripping and I cannot wait for more!

Author Bio

When Morwenna Blackwood was six years old, she got told off for filling a school exercise book with an endless story when she should have been listening to the teacher/eating her tea/colouring with her friends.

The story was about a frog. It never did end; and Morwenna never looked back. Born and raised in Devon, Morwenna suffered from severe OCD and depression, and spent her childhood and teens in libraries.

She travelled about for a decade before returning to Devon. She now has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Exeter, and lives with her husband, son and three cats in a cottage that Bilbo Baggins would be proud of.

Her debut psychological thriller, The (D)Evolution of Us, is published by #darkstroke, and has become an Amazon best-seller.

When she is not writing, Morwenna works for an animal rescue charity, or can be found down by the sea. She often thinks about that frog.

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Thank you to the Publisher and Author for sending me an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this novel and for the opportunity to review these works.

All reviews are my own unbiased opinion.

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