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The Purple-Bellied Parrot - William Fagus

Blog Tour stop for this special, fun and funny adventure! 🐦🍍Do you like pineapple chunks?...

"An account of his life, times, adventures and misadventures introducing sundry characters, both nefarious and uproarious"


Discover ... The power of the ‘HhhuuuUUTTT!’

Ever feel you are living the wrong life?

Ever feel another life, your should-be life, is out there waiting for you, if only you had the courage to …

Do you like tinned pineapple chunks?

Have you answered yes to any of those questions?

Then follow the Purple-Bellied Parrot on a rip-roaring, globe-spanning adventure packed with unforgettable characters. His quest to live his should-be life.

It Begins: In the sterile apartment of a city executive with unruly nasal hair where the Purple-Bellied Parrot cannot even do the very thing he was born to do.

It Ends: On the shores of a distant land after an epic journey which tests his courage, his ingenuity and the bonds of friendship — to the limit.

The Purple-Bellied Parrot is a spell-binding, life-affirming tale, with the power to evoke laughter and tears from readers 11-100 years old.

(Parental Note: contains occasional mild imprecations

My Review

What can I say this book is just lovely, so sweet! its something really special! I promise it will just put a smile on your face!

Full of adventure this tale is about how a purple bellied parrot finds his way home and learns about been true to himself.

but the journey along with way is amazing, fun, action packed and funny (loved the little jokes in the footnotes!)

A fabulous tale of friendship, love and adventure that anyone would enjoy!

for all this fun and the funny moment this story has a real edge to it it really makes you think when reading it, about how you behave and how you live and what parts you keep hidden through fear of acceptance.

I loved the moral to this story that been yourself is enough! and that's why I think this is not only a great read for adults but an important read for children alike, the books recommendation from 11- 100 is so true, even my 8 year old is loving this read at the moment!

The Purple Bellied Parrot is making it's way round my Mini Twist boys at the moment and I Promise to update with their thoughts in the future! (we are a little behind bedtime reading at the moment due to illness!) and when we are done we will be passing this book on to our little school library as this book and the message it gives are too important not to share!

Author Bio

The publicity-shy William Fagus lives in a remote location in an upturned fishing smack with a parrot and sundry antique musical instruments and carpentry tools.

The redoubtable Mrs Lush, his cleaning lady and confidant, is his most frequent visitor.

William Fagus's biography, of uncertain origin and dubious veracity, is available here:

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Thank you to the Publisher and Author for sending me an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this novel and for the opportunity to review these works.

All reviews are my own unbiased opinion.

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Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for telling your blog readers how much you enjoyed my book - a real boost for a new author. All best, William Fagus

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