The Wrong Move - Jennifer Savin

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When Jessie moves into a flatshare at Maver Place, she’s finally found a decent place to live.

And when she’s befriended by fellow tenants Lauren and Sofie, she’s got great flatmates to share it with. You think she’s safe.

You think she can trust these people.

You’re wrong.

When you flatshare, how well do you really know the people that you’re living with?

My Review

This was just one of those books that the blurb hooks you and you cannot wiat to get started the bonus to me is that this read is set in Brighton a place i only vivited for the first time last summer and absolutley fell for it charm! so having the read set here made it all the more enjoyable!

In this story, Jessie has moved back to Brighton where she lived while at university. She is here to escape an abuse Ex and she found the area she grew up in boring and Brighton wa so much more livliy and fun when she was a student i feel she hopes to get some of that colourful,and viberant life back!

Here she finds what she believes is the perfect flatshare, the fellow housemates seem nice they all get on plus it a great home in a frantastic location, apart from escapng her past and now holding down a boring job, things are starting to look up.

But Jessies past is never far away, seeming hooked and anti depressants, as strange things start to happen Jessie gets paraniod very quickly and this turns to fear at an alarming rate.

As much as she tries to talk herself out of her fears and worries, things seem to get even more weird? The once nice fatmates start behaving odd, Copying her hair, her clothes, becoming very intence flattery? new friends? or more creepy?

And as Jessie digs further is she as parinod as she thinks when she realies other flatmates before her have gone missing, her fears might just be right.

I found this a really gripping read, lots of tension and the twists delived just at the right point to knock you off your feet, The characters were well done, Even though at time I wanted to give Jessie a kick up the bum! she is very down but refuses to see more of what she has got, bt i find that a fitting flaw of many who suffer depression (and i speak from experiance) sometimes you can not see all you have when everying seems so bleak.

The story has enough to keep you going right till the last page, everything is slowly reviled and WOW what an ending! This is a great and easy read, a perfect psychological thriller with a real kick of an ending!

Author Bio

JENNIFER SAVIN is an award-winning journalist and currently Features Writer at Cosmopolitan.

Jennifer has a particular passion for investigative journalism – something which has found her in all manner of situations, from going undercover to share a tiny bedroom with a stranger for 10 days while tackling the housing crisis, to going undercover to expose the ‘landloards’ offering vulnerable women free rent in exchange for sex.

The Wrong Move is her debut novel.

You can follow Jennifer on Twitter @JenniSavin and Instagram @savcity

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Thank you to the Publisher and Author for sending me an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this novel and for the opportunity to review these works.

All reviews are my own unbiased opinion.

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